Facts about the Irish in America for the 4th of July


The Irish have had a large role in the history of the United States

Ireland and America have close ties, no doubt about it! Check out these interesting facts about the Irish in America ahead of the 4th of July.

Amer 1

A depiction of Christopher Columbus landing on Watling Island

There were several Irishmen in Christopher Columbus’ crew. But the one who stands out most is Patrick Maguire. In 1492, Irish-born Maguire was the first crew member of Christopher Columbus’ to set foot on North American ground.

At least 15 U.S. presidents have confirmed Irish ancestry

Amer 2 a

U.S. President Andrew Jackson

It’s thought that over 40 percent of all American presidents have some Irish ancestry, but at least 15 of them have confirmed their Irish heritage. The most Irish presidents are Andrew Jackson and James Buchanan, both of whose parents were born in Ireland.

The first American general to die in battle…

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