This Irish hero still receives Valentine’s Day cards 97 years after his death.


Michael Collins ‘The Big Fella’ still receives Valentines at his grave in Glasnevin Cemetary almost a century after his death.

Collins 1

Michael Collins is still feeling the love of the Irish people 97 years after his death. The Big Fella, buried in Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin, still receives gifts every year on Valentine’s Day.

Collins was only 31 years old when he was assassinated in an ambush at Beal na Blath , County Cork in 1922. Having had his life cut short, the Irish rebel and politician was never given the chance to marry his one true love and fiancee, Kitty Kiernan.

Collins 3

Nearly a century after his death, Collins is still worshipped as a hero and his grave is bestowed with trinkets every year on Valentins’s Day.

The late historian Shane Mac Thomais, of Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum, said the cards were noticed when the museum opened in 2010 but Collins may have been getting…

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